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Text Box: Expression Pedal Isolators for Allen MOS 1, MOS 2, and Allen Analog organs or any organ using either a 2 lead potentiometer connection or a photo resistor expression pedal design. This pair of isolators eliminates loss of expression when installing after-market products after the Allen MOS organ DAC boards such as our DSP and/or TWG. Installs prior to expression pedal connections or just after added source device. High end audiophile quality at a bargain price! Requires no power. RCA connections. Made In USA as all Hlabs products are.
These isolators can be used to mix other audio sources such as midi computer sound cards back into the original organ sound system when combined with RCA “Y” adapters.
$24.50Text Box:  Card Reader LED Kit
Allen MOS 1 & 2, MDC, & ADC
Harrison Organ Works developed this kit with detailed instructions to replace incandescent lamps. The card reader voltage adjust pot on the MOS power supply will then have little effect on the operation of the card reader and you will not need to worry about lamp burnout. The kit has color pictorial instructions. You must have soldering skills. We can perform this modification for you and test the operation of the card reader for a charge of $50 plus shipping. On rare occasion a photo xistor may be bad. The original Allen photo sensors are no longer available but we can supply replacements for these also. Before ordering this kit you should clean out the photo transistor optical hole if filled with dust or if it is dirty.
Text Box: Reed Switches for Allen pedal board
And MOS, MDC, & ADC draw knobs
After around 10 million cycles, these reed switches can fatigue and fail. This represents a well used organ around 30 years old. Also, the glass sometimes fractures due to original installation carelessness and/or in the case of the draw knobs bending the leads to adjust renders these switches intermittent or dead. In the pedal switch panel (the curved brown panel in front of the pedal board) if one is bad we recommend replacing all the switches. This kit includes switches and instructions. You must be able to solder. The panel must be marked as to the height when removing so you should not need to re-adjust if you follow the switch mounting instructions.
Text Box: Allen Voice Card to Graphical Waveform Chart Kit
Here is a neat product if you are interested 	in what the wave forms look like for the Allen Card Reader IBM cards. This kit includes pre-printed wave graph paper used to draw the waveforms and the binary to wave value conversion chart conversion. No electronic or math skills are necessary.
$15.00Text Box: Allen Clock Board Tuning Slug Kit Repair Part.
This part is no longer available from Allen Organ. Allen does have a new replacement board but it is very expensive. $15 may seem a lot for a small ferrite tuning slug with tuning knob but we have spent considerable time and $ in order to provide a suitable replacement. This is the tuning control used on the MOS clock board. Also included are instructions for removing the original slug if broken and how to tune the organ. You will need either a tuning fork or a low cost piano tuning box to re-tune the clock frequency. We use a frequency counter and can replace a broken slug and tune the clock for you if you send in your board for $35.