MIDI STOP CONVERTERSText Box: MIDI STOPS (VOICES) Converter for most any organ including Allen, Rogers, etc including most digital and analog organs. WORKS WITH HAUPTWERK and GrandOrgue, Allen Ensemble, GigaStudio and most midi samplers. Version select jumpers for Hauptwerk, Alhborn Galanti Modules, GigaStudio which allow this universal MIDI Stops Converter to send the proper MIDI messages for either Hauptwerk Stops (note on/off channels 8 thru 15) or Hauptwerk couplers and tremulants at the Hauptwerk default values, Alhborn Galanti Archive Modules - Classic, Romantic, 201 and Silberman Chip set in the 201, GigaStudio or any software requiring program change messages as would be required by momentary piston pushes. This product will work with most any virtual organ, digital sampler, etc that utilizes midi messages in the format of either program changes or notes on/off at specific midi channel settings.
The Alhborn Galanti Archive modules versions have default MIDI channels built into our software. The MOS stopboard array interface device (see below) that allows you to pull the 32 array stops keying directly off the MOS I stops array board with no soldering! The power requirement is 5 volts that is available on most organ consoles or you may use a regulated wall wart that is rated at 5 VDC at 100 MA or more. The actual current draw is less than 50 MA with all inputs and MIDI output active. Please specify if you need the input to be active HI or active LO (5 volt signal levels are required). Allen MOS organs use active HI (-5V to 0 V) if using the stock wiring configuration. Gutted consoles will allow you to change to almost any configuration. No programming is necessary.
DISCLAIMER: Harrison Labs does not assume any responsibility for damage to your organ when using this or any of our products. 
To hear our private chapel Allen 1971 MOS 1 organ using these midi products go to YouTube and type in hlabsinc in the search bar.
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FOR THIS PRODUCTText Box: Whether you want to duplicate the Allen stop tabs or draw knobs with midi generated sounds (using the Harrison Stops Midi Converter or if you simply want to have stops terminals brought out from the MOS 1 organ for ease of connection) or simply wish to replace the original Allen sound generator with midi generated voices, this eliminates soldering to the stops wires and includes appropriate isolation diodes.
You can remove the stops edge connection from the stop board array and plug the edge connector with stop wires into this adapter and if using original Allen voices, plug this adapter into the stop board array. The 3 division per Allen MOS 1 computer - stop board array has the stop contact signals for 32 stops. Now you can simply plug this device as shown and you have 32 stop terminals to access your organs stop switches without any cutting, soldering or modifications to the original Allen organ.
You can even play the original stop voices with whatever sound generator you  have.
For multiple computer organs with additional stop tabs (IE separate computer for choir division) two of these will provide up to 64 stop terminals. Has built-in isolation diodes to prevent added equipment from interfering with the original Allen operation.