MIDI CONVERTERSText Box: HARRISON LABS MIDI CONVERTERS WORK WITH HAUPTWERK, GRANDORGUE, AND ALL SOUND GENERATORS USING STANDARD MIDI MESSAGES. This sends Midi note on/off and master volume messages if using the expression pedal inputs and was developed for Allen MOS 1 with any number of computers, MDC and MOS 2 single computer organ systems.
This is for sending the keying MIDI code only and will not play the organ from a midi sequencer. The stops converter is a separate item that will require our Stops Midi converter (for any organ) shown below. This product is only for the MOS 1 Allen Organ keyboard and pedal board midi code data.
It even transposes using the Allen organ transposer knob and the couplers work with this unit! This model has a division select jumper set and a MIDI channel select jumper set (channels 1 to 8), an analog expression pedal input (you can use if you choose not to use the existing Allen channels), and MIDI expander jumper terminals for use with our Midi Expander which enables you to connect up to 4 MIDI sound generators for each midi division (8 if you daisey chain one time - note that you don't want to daisey chain more than one time per unit or midi signals will degrade due to the opto isolators in you MIDI sound generator inputs.) Any size MOS 1 organ can be converted to produce MIDI signals.
This product attaches to the keyboard array using supplied hardware and requires the buyer to prepare the ends of a 20 conductor color coded ribbon cable and cut and strip the ends. Includes color coded ribbon cable with connector attached but you must strip the other end according to the simple instructions. If you can solder neatly and read the simple instructions, you should be able to do the wiring. If you want us to add this to your keyboard array pcb we charge $99 and test your array board. (if your MOS array board is defective we can fix it for a modest charge.) You simply un-plug your keyboard array board and send it to us.                 (Insure it for $100 minimum).
The basic cost is $150 for the first midi division that can be selected for either GT, SW, or PD. Each additional division (up to 3) is $50 each. So for 3 divisions with 3 midi outs (each channel selectable and 3 expression pedal inputs if you want to use them) would be $250. NOTE: The MDC converters require our level converter which is an additional $25. The midi converter attaches to the keyboard array pcb and there is a colored ribbon cable with 20 wires that solder in sequential order to the I/O driver components on the array pcb. We also have Allen MDC midi converters in the works. Watch for our new book  Harrison Laboratories Inc dba Harrison Organ Works is not affiliated with Allen Organ Company and makes no claims as such.
DISCLAIMER: Harrison Labs does not assume any responsibility for damage to your organ when using this or any of our products. However, to date we have had no complaints regarding any damage caused by use of our products.
To hear our private chapel Allen 1971 MOS 1 organ using these midi products go to YouTube and type in hlabsinc in the search bar.
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Midi On-Off Option
Midi On-Off Option
Full Blown Stops Conversion